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Drug extraction

Drug extraction is a critical step in pharmaceutical, toxicological, environmental, and food analysis. On this page, our scientists have listed a selection of our best protocols for drug extraction from a wide range of tissues.

Drug analysis involves tests on various materials, including pharmaceutical formulations, and on many complex samples such as animal tissues, plant tissues, drinks, and food that are conducted for clinical, forensic, or veterinary purposes. Common applications include monitoring drugs of abuse in forensic samples, peforming drug screening assays, assessing the pharmacokinetics of novel drugs, and studying the metabolism of new drug candidates in animal models. The most common techniques to identify and quantify drugs in complex matrices are high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), liquid chromatography (LC)-MS, and spectroscopic techniques. For most of these analytical procedures, sample preparation is considered a critical step as it constitutes the majority of the total analysis time. Robust sample preparation protocols are essential to ensure reproducible and efficient drug extraction.

Sample disruption is one of the earliest steps in the preparation of tissue samples. Having a uniform and efficient homogenization is key to a successful drug extraction. Bertin Technologies has designed the Precellys, a range of homogenizers capable of homogenizing complex samples ranges from plant materials to hard tissues such as hair and bone.

Discover here a selection of our best protocols for sample disruption related to drug analysis.


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