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The BAB-E air monitoring beacon is used for surveillance around nuclear facilities or for national monitoring

The BAB-E fixed beacon is used for continuous monitoring of artificial Alpha and Beta aerosols, in Gamma environments as well as in the presence of natural Radon descendants. It has a double cover that allows it to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions for uninterrupted use outdoors (territorial surveillance, nuclear infrastructures, etc.). The data collected by the BAB-E can be accessed remotely and in real time on the DataEXPERT supervision software.

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Type of radiation detected

a and ß

Type of detector

Large area dual silicon diode, 2 x 360 mm²

Energy range

  • a: From 10^(-3) to 1.10^4 Bq/m³
  • ß: From 10^(-2) to 1.10^4 Bq/m³

Temperature range

Between +5°C and +45°C (41°F to 113°F)

Compliance with CEM norms

  • EMI emission: EN 61000-6-4
  • EMI immunity: EN 61000-4-3, Level 3

Measuring range

  • a: From 10-3 to 5.104 Bq/m3
  • ß: From 10-2 to 5.104 Bq/m3

Display units

Bq/m³, µGy/h

Sampling volume

6 m³/h

Relative humidity

Up to 80% humidity without condensation

Protection index

IP 55 (IP 54 for ventilation openings)


Audible and visible alarm with two adjustable alarm thresholds for type of radiation a or ß


ShortLINK or SkyLINK (radio), VD/VR

  • Can be used in controlled areas with high gamma background
  • Compensation of radon progenies
  • Use of standard sources for efficiency controls
  • Ruggedized, can be used on dismantling and purification sites
  • Available as stationary or mobile version
  • Can be connected to a central monitoring network and trigger a general alarm
  • The radioactive dust is deposited by air suction on a filter paper placed in the BAB beacons.
  • The suction flow rate is about 5 m3/h (it depends on dustiness and type of filter paper).
  • The flow rate is calculated from the depression measured between the filter and the pump. This allows to detect any tear or dust clogging.
  • Placed one centimeter above the sample, the detection system is based on two 300 µm thick silicon diodes with a surface of 360 mm2.
  • The analog signal from the two diodes is amplified by a preamplifier with an output range of about 30mV/MeV.
  • An amplifier increases the signal amplitude to 0.7V/MeV, and the signal is then used to produce the energy spectrum via an amplitude analyzer that encodes information to 512 channels.
  • GM-xN Gamma Probes
  • DataEXPERT monitoring software
  • Integrated SkyLINK/ShortLINK radio modem
  • Detector lead shielding to reduce background noise in case of a radiological accident
  • Local and remote alarm box

Reasons to choose BAB E

Gamma background and Radon / Thoron discrimination

Large Si detector

Real time monitoring

Ruggerized beacon

High suction rate


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