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CBRN Security for Critical Infrastructure

In an increasingly unstable world, protecting critical infrastructure against CBRN threats is a top priority.

By definition, a critical infrastructure is an asset that is vital to the functioning of a society or economy. Although the term is extremely broad, it covers facilities dedicated to the production of electricity, oil, gas, etc., but also those associated with transport, distribution, public health, national security, etc. Among the arsenal of tools available to protect critical infrastructures, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) detection and surveillance solutions stand out as indispensable assets. Beyond the economic argument, they guarantee public safety by providing a rapid and proportionate response to risks that could endanger countless human lives. Their early warning capabilities, ability to prevent crises and role in protecting people, the environment and the economy make them a fundamental component of modern homeland security strategies.

Bertin Technologies is the only French and European manufacturer to offer a complete portfolio of solutions for the monitoring, detection and identification of CBRN threats, whether accidental (chemical gas leaks, incidents in power and nuclear plants) or intentional (use of chemical and biological weapons, radiological dispersion devices, or dirty bombs).

Bertin Technologies’ systems and instruments excel in the global understanding of CBRN threats, providing optimal situational awareness and a window of opportunity essential to proactively respond to any incident involving a hazardous material or substance.


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