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Synchrotron / X-ray

Bertin Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced optical components, and produces mirrors and complex subsystems for the demands of the synchrotron market, as well as X-ray applications.

Synchrotron is a powerful source of x-rays produced by high-energy electrons travelling close to the speed of light in an ultra-high vacuum storage ring. To meet the requirements of the synchrotron and X-ray source market, particularly in terms of quality and performance, Bertin Technologies manufactures mirrors and mirror systems with technical characteristics adapted to grazing incidence. Bertin Technologies supplies mirrors, either as bare components or mounted in advanced mechanics, such as the Kirkpatrick-Baez KB, curved mirrors (Benders) with or without their vacuum chamber.

These equipped mirrors are mounted on a single fixed mount or in a bender, with or without coolers, positioners, and gravity compensators, in order to offer the best performance on the synchrotron light lines. Bertin Technologies also designs and manufactures single and multi-channel X-ray microscopes for X-ray experiments and plasma diagnostics for large instruments. Finally, for several years now, Bertin Technologies has been continuously investing in its ever-increasing know-how for machining, polishing and testing processes, to provide the best performance of their mirrors and optical components within controlled deadlines.


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