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Specially designed for border security, nuclear power plant control, along with major event safety, the ultra-sensitive SaphyGATE GN is a Gamma-Neutron portal monitor able to detect Special Nuclear Materials in a non-invasive way.

Developed in partnership with the French Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), the SaphyGATE GN is a new-generation portal monitor capable of detecting Gamma-Neutron radiations from a radioactive material without using Helium-3 detectors.

Compliant with international border security standards (IEC 62244 & ANSI N42.35), it efficiently prevents illicit movements of radioactive sources in port areas, airports, land borders or any other critical infrastructure, by carrying out a non-invasive inspection of people and loads.

It is thus particularly adapted to homeland security, border control, and event protection such as major sport events, public gatherings, international summits, etc.

Able to detect both natural and artificial radioactive sources of very low activity (approximately 10 kBq.), it also discriminates Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) along with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), hence allowing operators to better evaluate a threat’s hazardousness.

The SaphyGATE GN algorithm also features a function that compensates the Gamma background attenuation resulting from the mass of the vehicle and its load, thus offering better performances, in particular for the detection of sealed radioactive sources.

As a versatile and modular device, the SaphyGATE GN can be adapted to the load control of heavy vehicles and containers, as well as the inspection of light vehicles, pedestrians and luggage. It can be equipped with detectors with standard sensitivity (4 scintillators) or high sensitivity (8 scintillators).

Furthermore, the SaphyGATE GN has demonstrated its performances during the C-BORD European project (HORIZON 2020 Program), which aimed at improving cargo container control at the European Union borders.

*  International Electronical Commission

** American National Standards Institute

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The working principle of the SaphyGATE GN is based on the use of 4 to 8 high-volume plastic scintillators installed in each detector. Coupled with fast photomultiplier tubes, the scintillators ensure the detection of Gamma and Neutron radiations.

An electronic unit for prompt processing as well as an algorithm specifically developed for this application allow for the discrimination of Gamma and Neutron radiations from scintillating plastic. The method relies on the analysis of the phenomena occurring within the plastic scintillators in a short period of time (a few nanoseconds).

This patented solution guarantees high detection performances, while performing an efficient Gamma-Neutron discrimination and avoiding Helium-3 supply.

One single 3He-free detector to spot Gamma and Neutron radiations

The SaphyGATE GN is the sole radiation portal monitor on the market that is able to both detect and discriminate Gamma and Neutron radiations, with only one type of plastic scintillation detector.

This technology makes it possible to avoid using Helium-3 gas whose cost fluctuates but remains high, given its rarity.

The detection of Neutron radiations allows for a better characterization of the threats, by revealing the presence of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) entering in the production process of dirty bombs and Radiological Dispersion Devices.


Versatility Modularity

Fully modular, the system can be composed of 1 to 4 detectors, depending on the envisioned monitoring area as well as control (pedestrians, luggage, containers, light or heavy vehicles, etc.).

Detectors are available in 2 versions: « standard sensitivity » with 4 scintillators, or “high sensitivity” with 8 scintillators.

Under a standard « heavy vehicle” configuration, the system consists in 2 detectors situated on either side of the road or track, with a 5-meter wide anthrax between each portal monitor. The height of detection between the ground and the plastic scintillators’ center is 2 meters high.

System composition

  • 1 to 4 Gamma/Neutron detectors
  • 1 presence detection kit
  • 1 electronic processing unit
  • 1 supervision central unit (optional)
  • 1 Remote alarm monitoring system (optional)

Detector composition

  • 1 waterproof protection cabinet (IP65)
  • 4 to 8 sets of scintillators/photomultipliers
  • 1 signal processing card

Detector dimensions

H: 1,900 x W: 660 x D: 430 mm.

Detector weight

Approx. 160 kg.

Gamma detection

  • Energy range: from 50 keV. to 7 MeV.
  • Gamma sensitivity: = 15 c/s / kBq. for 137Cs at 1 meter
  • Detection limits:
  • 133 Ba: 181 kBq
  • 137 Cs: 239 kBq
  • 60 Co: 105 kBq

Neutron detection 252CF

100 ms.

Central unit

1/10 000 passages


Compliant with international standards, including IEC 62022 & ANSI N42.35 & N42.42


  • 4 scintillators: H: 1,944 x L: 580 x P: 218 mm
  • 8 scintillators: H: 1,944 x L: 580 x P: 405 mm

Refresh rate

False Alarm rate

Operating temperature

From 30°C to +55°C


Up to 93%

Protection rating


Measurement conditions

  • Gamma background: 200 nSv/h
  • Detection probability: more than 80% with a confidence interval close to 95%
  • Source speed: 8km/H
  • Inter-pillar length: 5m.

BVS 300 case: Remote alarm monitoring system with visual and audio indicators on detectors


Camera: Identification of people and vehicles with photos and videos


Ultrasonic sensor: presence sensor adapted to cargo control


On-site supervision software: several control centres can be simultaneously monitored in a same infrastructure


Multisite supervision software: all control centres, even from different sites, can be simultaneously monitored.

Reasons to choose SaphyGATE GN

3He-free technology

Detection and discrimination of Gamma and Neutron radiations, even with a single monitor. Patented technology developed with the CEA

Compliant with IEC 62244, ANSI N42.35 and ANSI N42.42 international standards

Radiological threat characterisation

SNM, NORM, industrial and artificial, medical and artificial

Automatic compensation of the Gamma background’ shielding effect

Adaptative and modular

Available in 2 versions (4 or 8 scintillators), to enable several applications (vehicle, pedestrian, luggage, container controls). Available in 3 versions (vehicles, pedestrians & baggage control)


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