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First Responders to CBRN Incidents

Whatever the threat, Bertin Technologies enables first responders to detect, identify and monitor chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards.

Bertin Technologies is the only French and European manufacturer to provide and maintain in operational condition a complete range of detection and identification capabilities covering the entire CBRN spectrum.
With our early warning solutions, ranging from portable instruments to complete CBRN systems, we provide the right information at the right time, enabling first responders to secure their operations and organize themselves to deal with the incident with full situational awareness.

When a CBRN incident occurs, first responders immediately head for the scene. They are first alerted by the Second Sight MS standoff chemical detector which indicates the presence of one or more clouds of potentially toxic gases. The first responders then use the ChemProX, a portable chemical detector mounted on a drone, to classify the threat without endangering themselves. Once the threat has been classified, the forces can approach it safely, wearing personal protective clothing and with full situational awareness. Once they have arrived close to the incident, the SaphyRAD, a multiprobe survey meter, is then operated to clear up any radiological doubts using the high-sensitivity gamma probe and the radiameter itself.

Finally, to ensure that there is no biological threat, the first responders take a biological sample of the environment using the Coriolis Compact portable air biocollector.

Designed to meet user requirements (robustness, ergonomics, ease of use), our solutions are ideally suited to emergency operations where the safety of first responders is a top priority.


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