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PeriSight – Scalable optronic solution for military vehicles

PeriSight is a scalable optronic solution for military vehicles that provides enhanced day/night observation and surveillance capabilities up to 2km.

Pilot assistance, safe maneuvering, perimetric surveillance, detection and identification of any obstacles and threats around the vehicle… these are the benefits of Bertin Technologies’ PeriSight optronic solution.

PeriSight is a robust optronic solution that complies with military standards. It can be adapted to any type of vehicle (from light to armored), to provide the entire crew with a panoramic view around the platform and the driver with an optimal visual comfort, despite degraded operating conditions.

The PeriSight optronic solution is based on the integration of multiple thermal and color low-light level camera modules distributed around the vehicle, in a configuration defined by the user and depending on the application, either for Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) or for 360-degree Local Situational Awareness (LSA).

Driver Vision Enhancement: To provide safe, intuitive and comfortable driving, Bertin Technologies recommands combining two PeriSight camera modules distributed accross the platform to multiply vision modes – thermal and color low-light: front or rear vision or front and rear vision for simultaneous observation. Fusion and electronic stabilization capabilities are also available as options. In this configuration, the PeriSight driver vision enhancement solution delivers smooth, low-latency images that allow the driver to operate with confidence, up to 80km/hour, despite extreme conditions. It also reduces the risks associated with high speed driving in poor visibility.

Local Situational Awareness: Flexible and modular, the PeriSight situational awareness system consists of 4 to 8 optronic modules distributed over the platform depending on user requirements and vehicle configuration. It can also be equipped with advanced surveillance capabilities to enhance on-board security and facilitate maneuvering and parking: acoustics, telemetry, video stream sharing, target detection and tracking (optional). Offering high-quality panoramic vision, it can be used in a variety of applications, fixed or mobile, regardless of the type of the operation or terrain. This rugged 360° day and night vision solution significantly enhances observation around military vehicles – its 3 vision modes (day, night and fusion), multiple fields of view and sector or panoramic images guarantee perfect adaptability to operational constraints and threats.

See PeriSight in action,
THE optronic solution for enhanced day and night vision on military vehicles!

  • Designed for a wide range of applications:
    360° perimeter surveillance (Situational Awareness System – SAS)
    Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE)
  • Compact camera modules (thermal and low-light color)
  • Designed for extreme driving conditions
  • Hardened and reinforced to military standards

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PeriSight – Scalable optronic solution for military vehicles

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  • HFOV NIGHT: 180°
  • HFOV DAY: 180°
  • Day detection range: 515m* / 218m**
  • Night detection range: 240* / 125m**


  • HFOV NIGHT: 105°
  • HFOV DAY: 94°
  • Day detection range: 980m* / 537m**
  • Night detection range: 410m* / 233m**


  • HFOV NIGHT: 57.3°
  • HFOV DAY: 53.8°
  • Day detection range: 1700m* / 936m**
  • Night detection range: 750m* / 426m** * 2.3m x 2.3m Vehicle ** 0.5m x 1.75m Person


  • UC 8-12µm
  • 640×480@17µm


  • CMOS Low Light Color
  • 1280x1024p


  • < 20*17*21 cm


  • < 3kg


  • 25Hz – HD – Color

State-of-the-art vision technologies

  • All-in-one with three viewing modes – colour low light, thermal and smart fusion
  • Working night & day, detection up to 2 km
  • Includes an awarded colour low light sensor designed by Photonis

User comfort

  • Adapted FOV for extreme operational driving conditions
  • Multiple compact optronic modules

Valuable additional benefits

  • Image recording and HD video output for proof collection
  • Compact, modular, adapted to all kinds of military vehicles

PeriSight, a modular and compact optronic solution, designed in 4 steps:

1. Definition of modules:
PeriSight’s camera modules are composed of low-light color and thermal sensors, whose field of view is adapted to the application.

  • COLOUR LOW LIGHT: A color imaging sensor provides a first visible image in very low light conditions (~10 mlx) without additional lighting.
  • THERMAL: A high resolution thermal sensor detects targets and threats in any level of darkness.

2. Positioning the modules on the vehicle
Bertin Technologies provides expertise in the choice and number of modules, according to the user’s requirements and the type of vehicle.

3. Data processing (optional)
PeriSight optronic modules are connected to an electronic box for electronic stabilization, automatic detection and target tracking.

4. Integration and support services (optional)
Bertin Technologies offers a complete integration and support service for the PeriSight optronic solution. In addition, videos are displayed on a screen, that is also used to monitor and control PeriSight.

  • Fish-eye module
  • WFOV module
  • DVE module
  • Operator screen

Reasons to choose PeriSight – Scalable optronic solution for military vehicles

All-in-one with three viewing modes

Colour low light, thermal and smart fusion

Night & day 360° surveillance in short range

Operational in extreme driving conditions

Adapted to any kind of vehicle or armored vehicles

Multiple compact optronic modules


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