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2SNM – Nuclear monitoring system for the French Navy

Bertin Instruments has designed and deployed an environmental radiation monitoring system called 2SNM for the French naval bases, in order to monitor the impact of nuclear activities, prevent incidents and provide a quick and appropriate response to any crisis.

Composed of approximately fifty measurement channels per site, 2SNM is based on four types of equipment connected to a centralization system, that collects all the measurement data and generates an alarm in case of critical thresholds. It aims at measuring in real time the levels of natural and artificial radioactivity, gamma radiations, beta activities of rare gas and alpha/beta activities of aerosols.

The 2SNM system is composed of the following equipment:

  • Autonomous radiation monitoring probe GammaTRACER XL2, designed for the continuous measurement, recording and transmission of gamma dose rate values in the environment;
  • PGM200 beacon for the measurement of alpha/beta activities of aerosols, and the measurement of beta activities of noble gas;
  • SODAR station for the measurement of upper winds;
  • Meteorological station combining a 3D anemometer and a pluviometer;
  • Mobile beacons for “Ultimate rescue means”, that participate in the system’s resilience, and may be used should a need arise.

Designed for four military ports in mainland France, the 2SNM environmental radiation monitoring system continuously monitors radioactivity using beacons and sensors distributed throughout the sites. The measurements collected by the system allow to ensure the monitoring of the environment, in all circumstances. Offering a reliable and durable solution, Bertin Instruments meets the highest security requirements. This radiation monitoring system can easily be adapted depending on the customer and its needs.



Each beacon is designed to operate autonomously within the surveillance network, and to set off widespread alarms through a mix of fibre optic and wireless radio transmission modules. The data collected by the beacons can be accessed remotely through a monitoring software (not provided by Bertin).

Highly adaptable

2SNM allows the monitoring and prediction of waste, but also the location and assessment of the radiological risk to the population and the environment. This radiation monitoring network is particularly suitable for routine use, but also for emergency operations.


The components of the 2SNM system are particularly resistant to hostile climatic conditions and extreme operational stresses such as earthquakes and marine submersion.

Total energy autonomy

Thanks to solar panel power supply. In the event of a total loss of power, these autonomous stations can operate for up to 15 days.


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