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Life Sciences

Bertin Technologies’ scientists (doctors, engineers and laboratory technicians) bring their expertise to the service of technological developments, projects and clients of the Life Sciences range.

Bertin Technologies’ biologists expertise covers various fields such as biological sample preparation, immunoassay, molecular biology, microbiology or cell studies… Able to understand customers’ concerns as well as specific Life Sciences processes, they support Bertin Technologies’ engineers throughout the product life cycle. The scientific teams are involved upstream, during the product specification phases, and downstream, during the performance qualification phases. Bertin experts are also involved in providing application support to customers.

Bertin Technologies is equipped with a specialized 250 m2 laboratory with PCR analysis equipment, microbiological safety stations, equipment for the development and production of ELISA kits, freeze-dryers, an autoclave and storage facilities at +4, -20 and -80°C. In this laboratory Precellys, Coriolis and Incellis products range are developed and put into action by Bertin’s scientists to meet the customers’ needs.


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