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Bruce Power Nuclear Station

Bertin Instrument deployed an environmental radiation monitoring system for Bruce Power Nuclear Station.

Bruce Power is located in the province of Ontario, Canada, and is the world’s most powerful nuclear power plant, with 8 reactors in operation and producing the equivalent of 6300 MW of electricity.
After the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, the plant launched a call for tender to strengthen its radiological environmental monitoring system. These systems play a crucial role in being deployed around facilities to improve responsiveness in the event of a radiological incident, thereby protecting the environment, neighbouring populations and plant operators.

Bertin Instruments has proven experience in this field, which it uses to deliver fully autonomous solutions, forming a real network dedicated to the continuous monitoring of radioactivity in the air and soil. The Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station received a total of 8 SA200NG and SA210ING aerosol stations, 49 fixed stations and 10 mobile stations based on the SpectroTRACER spectrometric probe.


SpectroTRACER Air/Soil probe

equipped with LaBr3 (Ce) scintillation detectors, an additional GM tube and a GPS for the measurement of Gamma dose rate values in air and soil.

SA aerosol stations

dedicated to the continuous measurement of Beta and Gamma radioactive particles and the identification of radionuclides in the air.

Low energy consumption

and autonomous operation: this makes the equipment particularly adapted for emergency situations, thanks to its back-up battery.

Robust equipment and low maintenance

Resistant to extreme operational climatic conditions (earthquakes, etc.).

Operation with Gamma dose rates up to 1 Sv/h.

Redundant communication interfaces

Cell/3G modem and Globalstar satellite modem for reliable, centralised data transmission.


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