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Precellys Multi-Tissue Dissociation Kit

Bertin Technologies specially developed a multi-tissue dissociation kit for its Precellys Evolution homogenizers.

Optimize tissue dissociation

The Precellys Multi-Tissue Dissociation Kit developed by Bertin Technologies is an innovative and patented solution designed for the obtention of viable single cells from biological samples for research purposes. It enables the obtention of high-quality single cells from complex tissues such as mouse spleen, liver, lung, heart, and thymus and opens the door to downstream single-cell analysis, such as flow cytometry or NGS.


Figure 1: Flow cytometry analysis from mouse spleen sample.

Simplified process

This kit is specially designed to work with Precellys Evolution and Precellys Evolution Touch homogenizers. Thanks to the “bead-shearing” technology, it guarantees a high-yield recovery of viable single cells. Development studies showed that the percentage of viable cells isolated was over 80% for the most common tissue types used in this field and residual debris was minimized, subsequently simplifying the downstream analysis and the identification of the cell population of interest.

Versatile alternative to conventional processes

The Multi-Tissue Dissociation Kit is versatile, adapting to a large variety of tissues. Adjust the protocol to suit the specific sample – no need for special equipment or many sample-specific kits. This flexibility greatly facilitates sample preparation and optimizes your research.

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Precellys Multi-Tissue Dissociation Kit

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Reasons to choose Precellys Multi-Tissue Dissociation Kit

Versatile kit, compatible with a variety of tissues

High-yield of living cells

Compatible with Precellys Evolution and Precellys Evolution Touch homogenizers

So there is no need to buy a separate dissociator or special kits. Simply use your existing homogenizer for sample grinding.

Ease of use thanks to a single kit for multiple tissue types - just adapt the protocol

A worldwide distribution network to support you wherever you are

Years of expertise in sample preparation and more than 30,000 scientists who use the Precellys worldwide


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