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X-ray Mirrors

Bertin Technologies has been active in the synchrotron market for more than 20 years and produces specific superpoly mirrors for X-ray applications with excellent surface quality.

To meet the needs of the synchrotron market, Bertin Technologies supplies mirrors suitable for grazing incidence, ensuring that the X-rays are focused in the light lines, where the experiments occur. Using specifications, Bertin Technologies designs, polishes and processes flat, cylindrical, toric or plano-elliptical mirrors measuring up to 1500 mm in length and compatible with ultra-high vacuum environments.

Because of the very short wavelength of X-rays and the angle of incidence, X-ray mirrors must have excellent surface quality. For this reason, Bertin Technologies ensures that the best polishing levels are achieved (slope error down to 0.2 µrad RMS; roughness up to 0.2 nm RMS), on conventional substrates (Si, SI02, etc.) with all types of metal coatings (Pt, Rh, Cr, Pd, etc.).

After undergoing a super-polishing process specially developed by Bertin Technologies, these mirrors are subject to strict quality control: they are therefore delivered with a report containing 100% of the specifications.


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