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Optronics and sensor systems

Bertin Technologies uses its recognized expertise in optronics and sensor systems to develop hybrid, sensitive and intelligent products dedicated to the security of sensitive areas.

The products developed by Bertin cover a wide range of technologies: high definition visible and thermal imaging for day and night vision, but also magnetic, seismic and radar sensors…Bertin Technologies establishes unique partnerships with manufacturers and research organizations to follow the development roadmaps of sensors and information processing algorithms. These special relationships allow us to integrate the most modern, effective solutions in our architectures.

These different technologies require advanced engineering skills in various fields, such as:

  • In optics, physics and electronics, to implement ultra-sensitive signal acquisition chains, with an optimized signal-to-noise ratio in various conditions of use, in order to guarantee signal acquisition performance.
  • Digital electronics and embedded software, to manage the ever-increasing quantities of information at very high speed, host intelligent information processing solutions, and make products communicative.
  • In information technology, to develop image processing solutions, fusion algorithms, artificial intelligence, etc.
    Bertin Technologies products are intrinsically interconnected to be integrated into IOT architectures allowing remote operation and supervision.

Development of sensor systems

Bertin technologies offers solutions based on sensor networks and supervision systems. Here are two representative examples of this know-how:

  • The Flexnet solution is based on a wireless, battery-operated sensor network dedicated to the surveillance of sensitive areas or infrastructures.
  • PeriSight is a scalable optronic solution specially designed to improve driver’s day and night vision and to provide 360° perimeter surveillance.


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