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KB Kirkpatrick-Baez Systems

Bertin Technologies designs and manufactures custom KB (Kirkpatrick-Baez) systems dedicated to high quality micro- and nanofocusing for the synchrotron market.

Based on specifications, Bertin Technologies manufactures KB Kirkpatrick-Baez systems equipped with elliptical bendable mirrors or pre-shaped elliptical mirrors. Bertin Technologies’ KB Kirkpatrick-Baez systems consist of two curved x-ray mirrors for vertical and horizontal focusing, which aim to correct beam divergence in the synchrotron light line, and are compatible with ultra-high vacuum environments. With their unique technical features, these Kirkpatrick-Baez KB mirrors are installed in many synchrotron beamlines because of their high operability and excellent focusing capability.

In order to achieve the best optical performance, these complex systems have been polished to the highest precision, therefore guaranteeing optimal quality. Indeed, in their production workshops, Bertin Technologies’ teams apply their expertise in superpolishing to ensure accuracy to within several nanometers of the specified shape and several angstroms in surface roughness.


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