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CLEAPART-100, particle deposition monitor

A passive collecting device, working autonomously to monitor airborne particle contamination

Developed by Winlight company, Cleapart is a particle deposition rate monitoring device that ensures safety operations when working with sensitive surfaces such as optics, lasers, medical devices, pharmaceutical & cosmetics products.

A cleanroom helps to reduce the contamination of unwanted airborne particles when working on a product or patient. However, the remains particles could affect the operational quality on final products. Operating principle of Cleapart-100: Airborne particles naturally settle and are deposited on the glass collection analysis surface (100 cm2).

The device can be oriented horizontally or vertically as desired, in order to be as representative as possible of the object or process to be monitored. Particles deposited on the glass collection surface are detected, measured and recorded by a purpose-designed imaging and lighting system that scans the glass collection surface. The optics head, scans the complete analysis area in 7 minutes. Thanks to his high resolution camera coupled to a microscope objective, Cleapart-100 can detect, count and sort particles from >5m, >15m, >25 m and 100 m on real time.

The device can be oriented horizontally or vertically as desired, in order to be as representative as possible of the object or process to be monitored.

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Detection specification

  • Pixel size: 2m
  • Number of pixels/scan: 1970 Megapixels
  • No periodic calibration needed (self calibration)

Data output

  • Detected particules: = 5m
  • According to your predefined standard : >5 – >15 – >25 – >50 – >100m (IEST 1246D as an example)
  • Measurement time: 7 mn/scan
  • Data sorted on table
  • First and last scan images available
  • Scan programmation (date and frequency)
  • Cumulative output and by events

Software Control

  • Single unit:
    – Software control delivered on flash drive (Windows 7, 8)
    – Ethernet link with PC (PC supplied as an option)
  • Networked unit (optional):
    – Control with web interface (OS independent)
    – Network connection

Collecting surface

  • 100 cm
  • SiO2 glass material (other transparent glass available upon request)
  • Cleanable surface (cleaning procedure provided)


  • Dimensions:
    > 210x210x200mm (for single unit)
    > 210x210x300mm (for networked units)
  • Weight: <6kg (single unit only)
  • Fanless (closed enclosure)


  • Power Supply: 100-240 V


  • Automatic test for camera dazzle
  • Cleanroom suitability: ISO 4 (ISO14644-1, GMP)
  • CE compliant
  • Real time particle deposition measurements and data reports for standard PC or mobile devices
  • Large glass collection surface 100 cm2
  • Multiple devices can be commanded by one PC
  • The recorded data pictures can be analyzed with powerful graphical tools
  • Particles are detected, counted and sorted depending on their size (>5m, >15m, >25 m, >100 m)
  • Alarms can be configured to selected particle size
  • High resolution camera, coupled with a microscope objective to scan different particle sizes (>5m, >15m, >25 m, >100 m) on large glass collection analysis surface (100 cm)
  • Several control screens available to display information regarding the particle deposition rate
  • Alarm system configuration to warn about the events of particle deposition rate and particle density
  • Obscuration factor calculation

Reasons to choose CLEAPART-100, particle deposition monitor

Real time detection of passive deposited particles

Large glass collection analysis surface (100 cm)

Device can be oriented horizontally or vertically

Particle size classification from 5m to 100m

Suitable for Cleaning room operation (ISO 4)


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