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Test & calibration benches

Bertin Technologies designs and develops custom test and calibration benches for the alignment, inspection and qualification of high-performance optical and photonic systems.

Ground test equipment (Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE) and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)) plays a crucial role in the qualification of satellite-borne instruments, which must provide optimal performance despite extreme operating conditions.

Bertin Technologies fully designs and develops optical and mechanical test benches, from customer’ specifications to the assembly, integration, testing and validation (AITV) phases. This ground support equipment allows to qualify, test and validate the optical performances and the mechanical stability of instruments such as imagers, telescopes or radar sounders.

Bertin Technologies produces optical and optronic test and calibration benches for the alignment, control and qualification of space or military equipment, such as satellites, etc. To guarantee an optimal optical quality to these ground support equipment, Bertin Technologies’ teams use the most advanced interferometry techniques, or a molecular adhesion technology on low dilatation materials.


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