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Emulsion kit

The Precellys Emulsion Kit provides a reliable and rapid method to generate injectable antigen or antibody emulsions in the context of immunological research.

What is an emulsion?

An emulsion is a temporary stable mixture of immiscible liquids, typically oil and water. Another key ingredient for a perfect emulsion is the energy used to mix the fluids in order to finely divide one phase into very small droplets, usually in the form of blending or shaking. The Precellys Evolution and Minilys homogenizers are capable of producing emulsions quickly and efficiently.

Emulsions are viscous substances commonly used for a wide array of products, from the food industry (mayonnaise and salad dressing) to the biomedical field (Montanide or Freund’s adjuvant immunization, among others). In biological and biomedical applications, adjuvants are substances injected along with an antigen in order to enhance the immune response to the antigen, and have been used to increase the efficacy of vaccines.


Stability is key

Although it is possible to make a temporary emulsion by mixing liquids together energetically, the phases will quickly separate if droplets size is not small enough. The stability of emulsions with oil adjuvants like Freund’s or Montanide is of great importance, given that it affects treatment efficacy. It is well known that the continued and low-level release of antigens will stimulate a potent immune response, while high-level systemic release of antigens could lead to tolerance.


Introducing the Precellys Emulsion Kit

The Precellys Emulsion Kit provides a simple, reliable and rapid method to generate injectable antigen or antibody emulsions in the context of immunological research.

  • Easy: add your Adjuvant and Antigen solutions in the tube and let the instrument mix them for you
  • Fast and Efficient: reproducible high-quality emulsions in only 2 min on Precellys Minilys or Precellys Evolution
  • Flexible: prepare 2 mL to 7mL of emulsion
  • Cost-effective: no waste of expensive reagents
  • Safe: no risk of accidental exposure or Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)

The Precellys Emulsion kit is based on the use of tubes specifically designed for the Precellys Evolution and Minilys Homogenizers. The use of these tubes combined with the power of Precellys homogenizers ensures the obtention of a perfect emulsion. This process ensures perfect efficiency and reproducibility in the generation of the emulsion.

The Precellys Emulsion kit, is designed to ensure compatibility with the injection syringe. The transfer from the Precellys Emulsion device to the syringe is therefore very easy to operate and allows a transfer without loss of material and without altering the emulsion. This allows reagent savings. Emulsions can also be kept at 4°C for 4 weeks if not used completely.



Precellys Emulsion Kit can be used for:

  • Preparation of emulsions with Freund’s Adjuvant + Antigens
  • Monoclonal & polyclonal antibody production
  • Preclinical animal models for research & in industry
  • DTH experiments (Delayed Time Hypersensitivity)


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