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Sterilization & Microwave

Bertin Technologies has developed a range of medical waste management equipment based on microbial inactivation by microwave treatment.

Bertin Technologies’ experts have studied and learned to master microwave technology in order to integrate it into a system that enables the automated treatment and rendering commonplace of waste from care activities at risk of infection.

To be considered as commonplace and therefore risk-free, the standard requires that the waste be treated in such a way as to make it unrecognisable and that the bacterial and viral population it contains be reduced by 5 log. Microwaves are used to heat up the waste and thus disinfect it. Sterilwave equipment, developed by Bertin, incorporates a system for shredding waste in a vessel using rotating blades and then raising and maintaining the temperature by microwave.

At the start of a treatment cycle, the waste is shredded by the action of the vertical axis blade rotating at high speed. This shredding phase helps to raise the temperature of the waste and reduce its particle size. In a second phase, the waste is heated by microwaves to ensure its disinfection.

This technology requires strong skills in microbiology, but also in automation, microwave technology, thermal engineering, safe design to ensure the reliability of the equipment, and solid dynamics to limit noise and vibrations to a minimum.

Through its brand Bertin Medical Waste, Bertin Technologies is today one of the world leaders in the treatment of hospital waste thanks to the skills of its engineers who have mastered a technology that they have adapted to the needs of their customers.


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