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Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is an essential analytical technique in chemistry and biology. Below our experts share their advice on improving homogenization protocols for mass spectrometry workflows for protein, metabolites, and drug analysis in complex samples.

Mass spectrometry is an essential method to study molecules including proteins, peptides, metabolites, and drugs in complex samples. When coupled with chromatography techniques, mass spectrometry techniques are highly sensitive, specific, and flexible. When executing mass-spectrometry-based analysis workflows such as LC-MS and GC-MS, it is critical to choose the right sample preparation protocol. The quality and quantity of the extracted protein, drug, or metabolite extraction determine the reliability of mass spectrometry results. Whether working with proteins or metabolites, it is important to homogenize samples efficiently and uniformly to achieve the highest yield and purity.  3D Bead-beating technology is the gold standard for sample homogenization. This technology powers the full range of our Precellys homogenizers.

Below, we explain how to optimize sample preparation protocols to produce high-quality molecules for mass spectrometry analysis workflows.

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