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The space sector is now a strategy for a large number of members. Many scientific, environmental, military and telecommunications challenges can be met thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated satellites.

In order to support major international space programmes, Bertin Technologies has been designing and manufacturing optical components, instruments and systems since 2001 for the sector’s major contractors and integrators. Bertin Technologies is a world-class provider of optical ground support equipment (OGSE) and calibration equipment, satellite optical systems, optical components and sub-systems and their associated systems. To meet the strict requirements of the space industry, Bertin Technologies undertakes to provide ultra-reliable components with optimal performance, despite the severe conditions of use. Bertin Technologies is also involved in many international projects, including NASA’s Mars missions, with the supply of aspherical mirrors for the Perseverance and Curiosity rovers deployed on the Red Planet, as well as optical components and systems for the James-Webb Space Telescope and the GAIA, EUCLID, IASI New Generation or EnMAP observation satellites, etc.


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