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Radiological & Nuclear Detection

Bertin Technologies offers a wide range of early warning and monitoring solutions to detect, locate, measure, identify radiological and nuclear threats, ensuring the protection of the population and Armed Forces.

Bertin Technologies offers a wide range of detection and characterization solutions to monitor and measure radiological and nuclear threats, ensuring the protection of the populations, the Armed Forces and first responders.

With over 60 years’ experience in measuring ionizing radiation, Bertin Technologies designs reliable, robust and ultra-sensitive equipment dedicated to the characterization of the radiological risk in complex environments. From handheld equipment to tailored monitoring systems, Bertin Technologies offers proven solutions for the radiation protection of intervention units, radiological monitoring of the environment, and control and tracking of radioactivity at critical sites or during major events.

Bertin Technologies provides a complete range of fixed and mobile all-terrain systems and instruments for the detection, measurement and monitoring of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.

Developed with the French Defense Procurement Agency (Direction Générale de l’Armement – DGA), SaphyRAD MS is a multiprobe military survey meter designed to meet the operational needs of the Armed Forces, first responders and HAZMAT teams. Connected with a wide range of intelligent probes, SaphyRAD MS can be used to search and identify sources, as well as to monitor and measure alpha, beta, gamma, x and neutron radiations. Thanks to an integrated simulation mode, users can train under real conditions, without using real radioactive sources.

The RanidX detector provides real-time monitoring of gamma and X-ray radiation, detecting and measuring radioactivity down to low levels. The RanidX offers dose rate and status readings via the software interface. By using two or more RanidX detectors in a system, it is also possible to monitor the direction of radiation on the ChemProX-DS user interface or other CBRN monitoring software. The RanidX’s compact design allows it to be easily integrated into fixed and mobile, land, naval and unmanned platforms, as well as critical infrastructures.

Moreover, Bertin Technologies and Bertin Environics both offer a comprehensive range of high-performance radiation portal monitors for vehicle, pedestrian, cargo and container control.

Thanks to their high detection performance, Bertin Technologies’ solutions contribute to the immediate reactivity of operators in the field, for the demanding Defense and Security markets.

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