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Choosing your lysing kit

The disruption of samples is the first step in the process of isolation and/or quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, and analytes. For this reason, choosing the right homogenization protocol will have a great impact on the quality and reliability of results for most biological analytical workflows.

Bertin Technologies offers a range of robust, efficient, and flexible homogenizers and lysing kits. Our products are based on bead beating technology that can grind any tissues and lyse any cells prior to DNA, RNA, and protein analysis.

Homogenization protocols can vary significantly depending on the nature and the quantity of the sample. Our team of scientists have designed a comprehensive range of lysing kits that provide researchers with an optimized solution for each of their workflows.

When using the 3D bead-beating technology, the choice of the bead size and material can greatly affect the disruption energy applied to the sample. The optimal bead density and bead material vary depending on the sample hardness. For harder samples, the bead material should be more resistant. For example, seeds can be homogenized with metal beads. For a given sample hardness, the bead size should be proportional to the target size. For example, bacteria vs 0.1mm bead. Sometimes, mixing the bead sizes and/or material increases the efficiency of the homogenization.


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See Table 1 to identify a suitable kit for your sample

Name Application Bead type Available tube volume
Well-Plate 0.5mL 2mL 2mL R* 7mL 15mL
VK01 Micro-organism lysing 0.1mm glass beads X
VK05 Tough micro-organism lysing 0.5mm glass beads X X X
VKMix Micro-organism lysing 0.1mm & 0.5mm glass beads X
SK38 Micro-organism lysing within tissue 0.1mm glass beads
1.4mm ceramic beads
1 glass bead of 4.0mm
CK01 Bacteria lysing 0.1mm ceramic beads X X X
CKMix Tissue homogenizing 1.4mm & 2.8mm ceramic beads X X
CK14 Soft tissue homogenizing 1.4mm ceramic beads X X  X
CK28 Hard tissue homogenizing 2.8mm ceramic beads X X 
CKMix50 Tissue grinding 2.8mm & 5.0mm ceramic beads
CK68 Dry hard tissue grinding 6.8mm ceramic beads X X
MK28 Hard tissue grinding 2.8mm stainless steel beads X
Metal tubes Bones & teeth grinding Empty tubes to fill with 6.8mm ceramic beads X

Tubes Protein safe tubes available
* Reinforced tubes.

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