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Healthcare & biotechnologies

In the field of Life Sciences, Bertin Technologies develops laboratory equipment & reagents, as well as building blocks to meet customers’ needs and improve their industrial production processes, particularly in the area of cell therapy.

In 1992, Bertin Technologies became involved in the project to manufacture the first DNA sequencers. Later, thanks to a collaboration with Bio-Rad, a major player in Life Sciences and medical diagnostics, the teams produced a sample homogenizer to help detect bovine spongiform encephalopathy. This was followed by the Precellys, an indispensable item for any research laboratory that needs to homogenise or grind samples of any kind before extracting the molecules of interest.
Thanks to a team of seasoned engineers, who are capable of managing complex projects and have a genuine knowledge of the issues associated with biology, Bertin Technologies has also been serving the cell therapy market for over 10 years.

To meet their customers’ needs, the engineers at Bertin Technologies are well versed in technical disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, optics, and fluid mechanics – to the levels required in the pharmaceuticals sector. They also implement the precepts of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as applicable to the pharmaceuticals industry, in order to take into account the specific constraints associated with the sector.


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