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Bertin’s team created a self-supported system for measuring contamination on roads for nuclear operator.

Irreproachable radiation cleanliness is required from nuclear operators, who must protect workers from radioactive spills within their facilities and during the transport of waste within their site. Following this logic, and in order to eliminate any risk of soil contamination during waste evacuation between the reactor building and outdoor areas, Bertin Instruments has developed an a, ß and ? contamination monitor called CST-28N, dedicated to the control of roadways over large areas.

This measuring system is self-supporting and autonomous. It has a very large detector (1800 cm2), based on a dual proportional gas flow meter (Ar/CO2 or Ar/CH4 mixture), to cover large areas more quickly. It uses its 2 measurement channels to discriminate between a and ß radiation. Finally, the CST-28N operates in both dynamic detection mode and static measurement mode for accurate contamination analysis.


Reliable detection

Low sensitivity to shock and vibration (reduced false alarm rate).

Gamma background discrimination

Electronic processing is used to separate the pulses made from to each type of radiation a and ß and subtracts the part of the ambient ? radiation by anti-coincidence and subtraction.

Ergonomic and easy to use

This is a simple tractor that includes a speed controller, with little adjustment required before use.

Long battery life

8 hours, the equivalent of a working day.

It can be transported on a trailer

And it can easily be used on several sites by the same nuclear operator.


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