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Monitoring of major events

Environmental radiation monitoring of major events ranging from handheld instruments and access control up to wide areas surveillance, with data transmitted to headquarters in real-time.

Nuclear and radiological risks are a reality in today’s world, and counterterrorism measures have become an absolute priority in homeland and border security. Alert and detection mechanisms are fundamental to current protection policies: we must be capable of preventing the illegal traffic of radioactive sources through border controls, and measuring gamma radiation in the environment.

Bertin Instruments meets homeland security and emergency preparedness requirements by proposing dosimeters and survey meters for both preventive and response purposes, enabling first responders to assess the extent of radiological incidents. Border controls are performed using pedestrian and vehicle access control portals, and we are the European leader in this field. Our exhaustive range of reliable and high-performance products is fully adapted to the fight against CBRN terrorism and covers every conceivable environmenal radiation situation.


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