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Bertin Technologies, with the Bertin Environics Business Unit, is the European leader in systems and instruments for the monitoring, detection and identification of all Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats.


Bertin Environics, the CBRN flagship of Bertin Technologies, provides a comprehensive range of early warning solutions to monitor, detect and identify all Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats, from handheld equipment to 24/7 autonomous systems. Thanks to a portfolio of high-performance systems and instruments, Bertin Technologies offers operators from different sectors – The Military, civil security, first responders, HAZMAT teams and special unites, industrial site managers, etc. – the ability to take prompt and informed decisions to tackle CBRN threats efficiently, in emergency scenarios in complex environments.

From portable devices to complete CBRN systems, Bertin provides state-of-the-art technologies, tailored to each threat and to the needs of users wearing personal protective clothing. Robust, ergonomic and high-performance, the equipment of Bertin Technologies integrated easily into constraint environments, from light and armored vehicles to surface ships, as well as critical infrastructures.

In addition, our handheld devices, that are versatile and easy-to-use, can be seamlessly installed on unmanned platforms such as robots (UGVs), drone (UAVs) and surface vessels, for monitoring potentially hazardous areas without endangering the operators.

As a result, our monitoring and early-warning solutions provide users with a strategic advantage in the fight against invisible threats – good situational awareness being essential for fast and sensible decision-making, tailored to field reality.

Our innovation DNA, combined with our great flexibility, enables us to develop new technologies and on-demand CBRN systems, as close as possible to the operational requirement of the end users.

Range of products
for CBRN

Chemical Detection

Bertin Technologies provides stationary and portable equipment for the surveillance, detection, classification and remote identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Compounds (TIC), accidentally or deliberately dispersed in the environment, in order to respond rapidly and appropriately to the threat.

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Biological Detection

Bertin Technologies has recognized expertise in the collection of air samples, analysis of microbiological contamination and identification of pathogens, enabling operators to combat biological risks effectively.

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Radiological & Nuclear Detection

Bertin Technologies offers a wide range of early warning and monitoring solutions to detect, locate, measure, identify radiological and nuclear threats, ensuring the protection of the population and Armed Forces.

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Radiation portal monitors

Radiation portal monitors are specifically designed for the detection of very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources at high traffic flow gates for vehicles, cargo, containers and pedestrians.

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Portiques de détection de la radioactivité

Les portiques de détection de la radioactivité sont spécifiquement conçus pour détecter de très faibles niveaux de contamination radioactive ainsi que des sources orphelines dans les véhicules, chargements, conteneurs et piétons, en zones d’accès à fort trafic.

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Business cases

Bertin Instruments-Egypt

National radioactivity monitoring network – Egypt

The Egypt State awarded Bertin Instruments the contract to establish a national radioactivity monitoring network. In case of a radiological incident, warning stations installed in strategic locations will allow for rapid crisis management even in degraded environmental conditions. Saphymo delivered at the end of 2015 a first radioactivity monitoring network for the Egyptian State. In […]

Bertin Instruments - gas-detection_LAPD

Second Sight gas detection camera delivered to the LAPD

The Bertin Instruments gas detection camera, Second Sight, has been delivered to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) for real-time surveillance of critical areas such as stadiums or fan zones during mass events. Second Sight, the Bertin Instruments gas detection camera, has been delivered to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). This valuable customer is […]


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