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Improving long-range night & day surveillance with Camsight LP and tethered aerostat White Hawk

Bertin Photonics and CNIM Air Space have developed two complementary solutions well-adapted to long-range night and day monitoring: the CamSight LP OEM camera module, and the White Hawk tethered aerostat.

Lightweight, impact-resistant and easy-to-install, the CamSight LP is a passive thermal imaging system specially designed for manufacturers and integrators. It can be used to equip, inter alia, gyrostabilized optronic payloads and electro-optical gimbals integrated into permanent surveillance solutions such as aerostats or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). By enhancing night and day vision, it significantly improves an area of interest’s awareness and fosters decision-making when a threat is detected. The camera, including a LYNRED’s infrared sensor (640 x 480 pixels), comes with an uncooled system and a shutterless technology that enable real-time, freeze-free image delivery. Thanks to its low-power consumption (= 1 Watt) and its image quality, the CamSight LP is a precious asset for any surveillance applications under degraded conditions (ex: extreme low light and fast wind speed). Ultra-compact, it can be fitted into any payload before installation in the aerostat. As for the helium-filled White Hawk tethered aerostat, it distinguishes itself by its capacity to conduct unmanned aerial surveillance operations with 360-degree all-round coverage, 24 hours a day, 5 days in a row. Tailored to meet any mission’s requirements, it offers, when fitted with CamSight LP, an improved knowledge of one’s surroundings.

Moreover, its use is all the more effortless as its logistic footprint is limited and its operational costs are small. Fast-to-deploy (only 45 minutes), the CamSight LP-equipped aerostat can be used for short and middle-term operations to protect the following sensitive sites: military bases, industrial areas, critical infrastructures (nuclear facilities, offshore platforms), borders, customs, public events, etc. Thanks to the OEM camera module’s long focal length, it is able to anticipate and eliminate potential threats by detecting, recognizing and identifying fixed or mobile targets remotely. By significantly enhancing night and day vision, the OEM camera module CamSight LP allows for real-time detection, recognition and identification of potential threats under poor visibility conditions. When fitted into CNIM Air Space tethered aerostat, the CamSight LP improves multi-day surveillance operations in harsh environments, thus participating in the mission’s success at a reasonable price.


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