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Observing the stars – researching their origin, evolution, physical and chemical properties – cannot be done without state-of-the-art equipment.

Telescopes, which have been used since the 17th century, capture, record and analyse visible light and invisible rays from celestial objects (stars, planets, galaxies, etc.). Astronomy is an observational and not an experimental form of science, and it therefore relies on the technological developments of the equipment used for its study. Bertin Technologies has been active in the astronomy market for more than 20 years. It has recognised expertise in critical instrumentation, particularly dedicated to large scientific equipment, which it has used to participate in many renowned projects, in partnership with national and international universities and research institutes.

Bertin produces optical components and complex sub-assemblies of medium size (from a few mm to 800 mm in diameter) on demand for scientific observational equipment. It designs and produces unique and customised equipment such as image slicers, collimators, derotators, cameras, and complete spectrographs, which enable scientists to carry out the most ambitious research on the creation and evolution of the Universe.


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