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Onboard instrumentation

Bertin Technologies develops and produces optical components and subsystems for scientific space instrumentation. Discover our offer.

Bertin Technologies provides space-based optical components and subsystems that will be carried on board telecommunications, surveillance, earth observation and scientific research satellites. Designed to meet the severe constraints of space applications, these optical payloads – whether made of Aluminum, SiC, ZnSE, CaF2, silica… – are fully compliant with the industry’s strictest standards. They are tested in a thermal-vacuum chamber and on a shaker before being qualified for use. Thanks to its recognized know-how in polishing, Bertin offers simple, aspherical, and freeform optics, which are assembled and tested in clean rooms (ISO 5 and 6) using high-precision assembly and adhesion techniques.

Bertin Technologies also provides opto-mechanical or opto-electronic subsystems for spectrometers, LiDARs, imagers or interferometers, for scientific, environmental, or governmental use. Bertin Technologies develops opto-mechanical modules (Focal Planes, Telescopes, High Power Multiplexers) for future optical communications systems in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or Geostationary Orbit (GEO). These will be used on space missions to provide optical inter-satellite links, particularly in constellations, but also directly between space and Earth.


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