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Chemical Detection

Bertin Technologies provides stationary and portable equipment for the surveillance, detection, classification and remote identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Compounds (TIC), accidentally or deliberately dispersed in the environment, in order to respond rapidly and appropriately to the threat.

As the European leader in solutions for CBRN threat detection, monitoring and identification, Bertin Technologies provides cutting-edge equipment that give first responders the confidence to characterize chemical risks and implement appropriate countermeasures rapidly.

Over the last ten years, there has been a steady increase in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats, which have reached their highest level since the end of the Cold War. We are thus witnessing an upsurge in CBRN risks, a worrying phenomenon caused by the return of high-intensity conflicts, but also the diversification of adversaries and frameworks for use. Of all the risks, the use of chemical substances represents a real threat to the health of people and the sovereignty of States, with the potential to cause serious harm to the population, as well as to the political and economic stability of the countries concerned.
The effective fight against chemical threats, whether accidental or deliberate, requires reliable, advanced technologies to monitor, detect and rapidly identify Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic Industrial Compounds (TICs), optimizing the response of first responders in emergency situations.

To monitor chemical threats, Bertin Technologies offers Second Sight MS, a multispectral camera for remote detection of gas clouds. Featuring the widest field of view of any remote chemical detector, this infrared system visualizes one or more clouds of pure or mixed gases, for effective day and night surveillance. Within 10 seconds, Second Sight MS detects, visualizes and identifies the chemical gas(es), which it displays in real time on its human-machine interface. This gives operators concrete information on the location of the source, the point of contamination, the name of the gas and an estimate of its surface concentration, to help them rapidly implement the appropriate countermeasures. Capable of identifying chemical warfare agents (CWAs), industrial toxic chemicals (TICs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Second Sight MS also has an ‘X-Gas’ function for the detection of mixed, impure or unlisted gases. Easy to use, versatile and remotely operable, Second Sight MS can be installed on a building, on a tripod or on a CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, with an optional Pan&Tilt system, for 360° detection of chemical gases in less than 4 minutes, from a critical infrastructure or its surroundings.

Designed by Bertin Environics, ChemProX is an early warning handheld chemical detector for the detection and classification of CWAs and TICs, using an intuitive interface and trend-line for locating unknown chemicals. Developed in collaboration with first responders and military users, ChemProX’s performance relies on a unique and enhanced open-loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology. ChemProX has a built-in simulation mode, that opens the possibility for double usage in both real and simulated situations, discarding the need for extra training devices or expensive simulators.

ChemProX-DS is a system compatible chemical detector for stationary and mobile applications, that can be used individually or integrated into a complete CBRN system. ChemProX-DS combines the performance of a stand-alone chemical detector with the monitoring capabilities of a complete CBRN system, thanks to its user interface, which enables it to display the status, alarms, fault indications and measurement trends of all devices connected in the network. Featuring a robust shell, it enables continuous monitoring, detection and classification of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals, in applications such as naval and maritime vessels, light and CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, or in critical infrastructures and buildings.

Bertin Technologies’ solutions, from handheld detectors to complete CBRN systems, provide precise and vital information by detecting and characterizing the chemical threat in real time. They offer full situational awareness to draw up an appropriate action plan, while ensuring the protection of first responders or military personnel. Thanks to their versatility, they combine responsiveness and precision, with speed of deployment and ease of use for an optimum user experience.

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