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Image slicers

Bertin Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of image slicers and has developed and patented a unique technology in partnership with the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory (LAM).

An image slicer is designed to sample the telescope’s image field into a series of spectrally analysed, individual portions of images. The analysed image provides a data cube where the spatial and spectral dimensions of the observed object are represented. It is therefore used to provide a spectral analysis of the entire image formed by the telescope.

Bertin Technologies’ image slicers can switch from 1D spectroscopy to full 2D spectroscopy over the entire image, which is used to study spatially extended objects. The technology proposed by Bertin Technologies allows to reach high performances (precise roughness, sharp edges, surface shape, etc.) with standard glass components, while reducing costs and production time. In addition, Bertin Technologies’ image slicers are assembled by molecular adhesion, a precision technique that ensures stability in the system. The optical contact between the panels ensures both cohesion and alignment are preserved.


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