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Spectrographs (telescope)

For more than 20 years, Bertin Technologies has specialised in the study and design of optical subsystems (mainly spectrographs) intended as an addition to the equipment used for scientific research.

The spectrograph is an integral part of all telescopes; it is an optical piece of equipment that is used to break down light into its various spectral components and to analyse it. The spectrum therefore obtained provides a great deal of information about the physical phenomena that cause light. This is why the success of astrophysicists that probe the Universe is intimately linked to the quality and performance of the spectrograph. Bertin Technologies uses a specification to carry out the study (opto-mechanical design), design, production, assembly and testing of the spectrograph’s optical subsystems (lenses, prisms, mirrors, collimators), as well as the complete spectrographs (excluding science detectors).

The spectrographs are tested over the equipment’s entire field of view, as well as in the spectral band, to check the quality of the percussive response (PSF) and the characteristics of spectral dispersion.
Bertin Technologies’ state of the art equipment and the exceptional know-how of its teams for polishing and assembly guarantee a high level of operational excellence recognised by its customers worldwide. The complementarity between the teams in charge of the studies and those in charge of the realisation makes it possible to optimise the design by considering the constraints of manufacture and alignment and therefore possible to optimise the costs and to decrease the risks.


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