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Nuclear Instrumentation & Services

Bertin Technologies has a recognized know-how in the world of nuclear instrumentation and associated services.

Reinforcing the performance and safety of nuclear power plants, protecting people, meeting normative requirements, and contributing to research reactor development programs are challenges Bertin Technologies has been responding for over 60 years.

Its know-how and its taste for innovation allow Bertin Technologies to cover a wide range of applications and systems 100% manufactured in France. Our engineers, specialists in nuclear physics, aerodynamics and embedded systems, design, develop and manufacture high-tech equipment and customized systems to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our technicians provide a daily maintenance service and advice on the use of our products. Bertin Technologies’ specific infrastructures include irradiation means on its site in Thiron-Gardais. These technological facilities allow to test the equipments and to ensure the periodic and regulatory controls for the greatest satisfaction of its customers.

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