Bertin supplies EDF with three types of monitoring systems to control processes and protect the operators against radiation leaks and dispersion.

The Grand Carénage, a major industrial programme, aims to extend the operating life of French nuclear power plants up to 60 years. This project involves a series of major maintenance and modernisation work on the power generation facilities, as well as on the systems dedicated to radiation protection for operators. Following a call for tender from EDF, the industrial consortium, which consists of Bertin Instruments, Clemessy and Ineo, was selected with the aim of making the operation of the ionizing radiation monitoring channels of 24 French nuclear reactors more reliable and sustainable.

The ionizing radiation monitoring channels are used for protecting on-site workers and fulfil an essential function by ensuring continuous monitoring of Gamma radiation in the vicinity of equipment likely to release radioactivity. This three-stage project (study and design, equipment qualification, installation and commissioning) results from four years of research and development, and marks the entry of Bertin Instruments’ into the demanding market of classified fixed monitoring systems inside nuclear facilities.


Maintenance of the ionizing radiation monitoring channels

For 24 reactors in 11 power plants of 1,300 MW and 1,450 MW.

Monitoring of the ambient dose rate

As well as the exposure to radioactivity via fixed and portable Gamma beacons with digital display.

Continuous measurement of global volumetric Gamma activity

Of fluids using a fixed monitoring system for the reactor building circuit.

Improved radiation protection for operators

Against possible radiation leakage and dispersion.

Qualification of the ionizing radiation monitoring channels.


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