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Physical measurement for scientific instrumentation.

Bertin Technologies engineers and physicists use their skills in physics, photonics, chemistry, nuclear physics, and materials science to develop scientific measurement instruments.

In close collaboration with the world of academic research, Bertin Technologies engineers, scientists and laboratory technicians use their skills in photonics, nuclear physics, materials science, applied mathematics, etc. to innovate in the field of high-performance physical measurement. They thus meet the development needs of new products for Bertin Technologies and specific needs for their customers. As an example, their skills are distinguished in the following fields:

In the field of atomic and nuclear analysis, our specialists develop solutions for spectroscopic measurements.

  • LIBS, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, is a laser spectroscopy technique dedicated to the non-contact atomic analysis of materials. This technique is used to sort and recycle waste but also to analyze in situ the composition of rocks on the planet Mars.
  • Gamma spectrometry allows the identification of isotope mixtures based on the ionizing radiation they produce during their natural decay. For more than 60 years, Bertin Technologies has been using this technique to protect nuclear industry workers, local populations and the environment, both in France and abroad. In particular, it allows access control with the design of gamma spectroscopic portals, and environmental protection with intelligent gamma spectrometry probes.

In the field of chemical and biological analysis, our specialists develop different technologies.

  • Raman spectrometers allow to identify the chemical bonds of a material by analyzing how it modifies the color of the lasers that illuminate it. It is used to avoid counterfeiting or to ensure the safety of medication for example.
  • Gas chromatography allows the analysis of a chemical substance based on the study of the mobility of molecules in capillaries. This technique has a major interest in detecting compounds that are harmful to human health.
  • Fluorescence measurements and flow cytometry technologies allow the counting and characterization of cells for research and biomedical production applications. The miniaturization and industrialization of these techniques contribute to medical progress by facilitating the development of gene and cell therapies.


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