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Flexnet – UGS system for protection & surveillance

The Flexnet UGS system combine intelligence collected by seismic, acoustic, magnetic, and TI sensors to detect, identify and classify threats and targets.

Exensor designed Flexnet, the most mature, advanced and operational UGS system available on the market. This high-performance force multiplier, featuring a self-healing mesh radio network and operated through a user-friendly Command and Control (C2) application, is perfectly suited to various types of missions, among which: Force protection, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), and monitoring of critical assets and sensitive areas.

FLEXNET | Wireless protection surveillance platform by Exensor

The Flexnet solution, developed by Exensor, is a user-friendly, flexible, comprehensive surveillance solution combining a wide range of sensors (passive infrared, seismic and acoustic, and intelligent motion cameras) with a proprietary command & control software. This self-healing Mesh network allows for detection, classification & identification of any threat. The Flexnet sensor platform is a Force Multiplier that can be used for several applications, ranging from force protection tasks, such as airbase protection, camp protection, patrol and self-protection tasks, to Intelligence Gathering, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition (ISTAR) tasks.

Mini Mk3 – Seismic & acoustic sensor

The Mini Mk3 sensor is a wireless, seismic and acoustic sensor used to detect and classify human activity within a specific area of interest. Collected data is analyzed by advanced algorithms, classified and transmitted to the wider surveillance system.

PIR – Passive infrared sensor

The PIR is a compact, rapidly deployable passive infrared sensor for fast and reliable detection of moving targets and their direction of travel.

Scout Mk3 – Intelligent remote imager

The Scout Mk3 is an intelligent motion camera providing high quality pictures and videos during both day and night. User friendly and rapidly deployable, the Scout can control two camera heads and has various accessories to fit the users’ specific needs.

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Flexnet – UGS system for protection & surveillance

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Reasons to choose Flexnet – UGS system for protection & surveillance


• Long battery lifetime
• Autonomous communication
• No existing power or network required
• Auto configuration


• Automatic detection
• Target classification & recognition
• Threat characterization
• Easy to deploy and use
• Remote control & setting


• Suitable for small & large protection networks
• C2 system with API for easy integration
• Compatible with 3rd party sensors


• Small & portable
• Easy to hide & covert sensors
• Silent secured network
• Passive sensors (no signal sent to detect)


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