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SaphyRAD C

SaphyRAD C is a multiprobe handheld device used for the detection of alpha & beta radioactive contaminations.

The SaphyRAD C is a versatile multiprobe contamination meter used for monitoring Alpha and Beta contamination in harsh environments. It has been developed to meet all needs of contamination control for multiple markets such as the nuclear and NORM industries, medical structures & first responders, thanks to its integrated nuclide library.

It is equipped with a powerful algorithm to allow very fast and reliable detection of ionising radiation in a variety of civil applications. The SaphyRAD C has been designed ergonomically to be held with gloves on. Its large colour display makes the results perfectly easy to read. The SaphyRAD C possesses a wide range of contamination probe and it is compatible with all analogue probes on the market.

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Measurement modes

  • Direct Measurement
  • Indirect Measurement
  • Detection
  • Scaler

Type of radiation

ß, a+ß & ?

Measuring unit

c/s, Bq, Bq/cm²


  • 2 configurable thresholds
  • 1 red LED, 1 buzzer (adjustable level), 1 vibrator


  • Operating temperature: between -10°C and +50°C
  • Storage temperature: between -20°C and +45°C

Power supply type

Li-Ion 6.8Ah


Up to 45 hours

Measuring range

  • a: 0.01 to 100 Bq/cm2
  • ß: 0.1 to 2,150 Bq/cm2

Monitor dimensions

200 x 110 x 50 mm




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Energy range

  • a: 3 to 8 mev
  • ß: 100kev to 2.2mev

Protection index

IP 52 (monitor and probes)

Ruggedized for harsh environment

The SaphyRAD C has a robust housing with 6 large buttons designed for use with gloves. This device is adapted to meet the needs of the Nuclear industry, but also of the NORM industry, first responders & medical structures.


SaphyRAD C is designed for the detection & measurement of Alpha and/or Beta radiation sources with the use of external connected measuring probes. It has a wide dose rate range from 0.05 µGy/h to 10Gy/h.
It is also compatible with external analog probes of other systems.

Ease of use

SaphyRAD C is an ergonomic handheld device with a high image quality color screen. Some probes also include an embedded alarm & a distance control indicator.


SaphyRAD C works with a specific algorithm which was developed for a very fast and reactive detection of radiation sources.

The SaphyRAD was initially developed for EDF, global leader in low-carbon energy. Its ergonomic design meets the requirements of the Nuclear Industry providing a versatile and ergonomic device. Thanks to its adaptative library of 20 radionuclides, it can also be used for civil and medical applications.

The system provides different measurement modes for the measurement and detection of Alpha & Beta radiations. Its innovative probes are equipped with a proximity sensor and embedded alarm. A clear and easy-to-check bar graph is displayed on the screen in order to facilitate monitoring operations.

The SaphyRAD C has data storage on a removable SD Card and 45 hours of autonomy thanks to its rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The SaphyRAD C is compliant with all european standards especially in terms of compatibility with electromagnetic fields. It is also compliant with the international standard IEC60325.

External probes

AB31 / AB100, A/B100, AB170, A/B170, A/BG170, A32

Floor Stand

For clearance control

KIT mular frame for probe 100/170 cm2

Calibration tool

Smear test kit

Transport case

Configuration and maintenance software

Reasons to choose SaphyRAD C

User friendly embedded alarm & distance control indicator

Wide range of compatible probes

Adaptative nuclide library

Versatile for contamination & measurement operations


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