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Metabolite extraction

Successfully extracting metabolites is a crucial step in metabolite profiling. Discover here our top scientists’ homogenization protocols for metabolite extraction from a wide range of samples.

Metabolomics is one of the fastest developing tools to study the function of biological systems, in particular, to identify the changes in metabolism resulting from diseases and drug treatment. High throughput metabolomics aim to quantify a wide variety of metabolites using platforms such as chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. Most mass spectrometry workflows begin with a metabolite extraction step. By optimizing sample preparation protocols, the recovery of the extracted metabolites can be significantly improved. Hence, the sample preparation protocol for metabolite extraction has a major impact on the results of metabolomics studies. Homogenization plays a major role in ensuring the success of sample preparation workflows.

Bertin Technology has developed a range of homogenizers, the Precellys, which offer a robust solution for homogenizing samples in metabolomics studies. Discover here our best homogenization protocols for metabolite extraction.


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