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High precision optical components

Bertin Technologies designs and manufactures high value-added optical components ranging in size from a few millimeters to 1.5 meters, for major customers in the industry. Discover our offer.

Using both traditional and computer-controlled polishing (CCP) techniques, Bertin Technologies produces a wide range of optical components made of conventional materials (Glass, ceramic, silica), aluminium, crystals, and silicon carbide (SiC), including simple (Plano, spherical), aspherical, and freeform optics. To do so, the company masters the most advanced polishing techniques: Roughing, aspherical polishing (Freeform up to ø800 mm), MRF technologies (Magneto Rheological Finishing), IBF polishing (Ion Beam Figuring), Diamond Turning, etc. In compliance with the most demanding processes of the sector, Bertin Technologies is equipped with clean rooms (ISO 5 – ISO 6) to assemble, test and qualify its components and optical subsystems, therefore guaranteeing their in-flight performance in flight.


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