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Tailored protection and surveillance systems

For the Defense and Security sector, Bertin Photonics develops smart, tailored optronic systems for threat detection, reconnaissance and identification.

Technological differentiation, multi-sector anchoring and multidisciplinary skills have contributed for more than 60 years to the dynamics and uniqueness of Bertin Technologies and its brand Bertin Photonics, on the industrial innovation stage. Able to rise to any technological challenge, Bertin is present at every stage of the innovation cycle, from Research and Development, to prototyping, to the installation of on-demand systems. As a key partner for major Defense and Security contractors, Bertin produces smart optronic solutions that suit the most stringent requirements of its customers.

The technological bricks developed by its engineers are based on optical sensors (Visible and infrared) associated with intelligent data processing, which enable rapid Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) of targets or threats, in all light conditions. To exceed end-users expectations in terms of innovation, Bertin Photonics provides unique and efficient solutions, such as:

PeriSight®: Scalable situation awareness solution for ground vehicles

PeriSight® is a modular optronic solution including multiple viewing channels – color and thermal, offering automatic detection and recognition capabilities to the crew. By increasing night and day capabilities, it significantly improves Land Situational Awareness (LSA) and Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE). It comes in two standard configurations, adapting to customer’s needs, vehicle type and mission’s objectives.

Naval Panoramic Surveillance System

Providing a barrier of protection to counter small threats coming from ships, manned aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles, the Panoramic Optical Surveillance System is an all-weather 360° detection system. Able to enhance situation awareness in a large field of view, it is a key protection tool against asymmetric threats, in the last nautical miles.

Long-range observation and targeting system

Bertin provides a tailored solution for long-range observation and targeting system, combining reduced thermal signature, low operating cost and high performances.

Sling Load Camera (SLC)

Bertin Photonics, with its subsidiary Winlight, has designed for NHIndustries a robust and hermetically sealed onboard vision system that provides a 180° view of the space under the NH90 helicopter in difficult conditions.

As a partner of major system integrators, Bertin Photonics also leverages its unique expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers, such as:

  • Test and calibration benches (optical and optronic) for high performance systems and subsystems;
  • Ruggedized optical lenses and subsystems.


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