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Biological Detection

Bertin Technologies has recognized expertise in the collection of air samples, analysis of microbiological contamination and identification of pathogens, enabling operators to combat biological risks effectively.

To prevent infectious risks and fight against bioterrorism, Bertin Technologies provides air sampling and analysis solutions to remove any doubt and thus protect the population, the Armed Forces and first responders in the field.

The spread of a pathogenic agent – whether accidental or deliberate – is a very real risk nowadays. Both the nature and seriousness of biological threats make it essential to use sensitive, reliable instruments for sampling and searching for infectious pathogens. Since aerosolization is the main mode of dispersion and contamination, air monitoring becomes crucial to the implementation of an operational response and appropriate medical countermeasures. To effectively detect the biological threats, Bertin Technologies has developed a range of all-terrain microbiological air samplers called Coriolis, for indoor or outdoor air quality monitoring. Coriolis air samplers are the first players in the detection chain: they collect biological particles in real time and then concentrate them in a sample compatible with all standard analysis methods (NGS, qPCR, Culture). Lightweight, robust and autonomous, Coriolis bio air samplers have been designed to meet the operational constraints of users in the field: they are easy to deploy and to use in CBRN personal protective clothing.

ENVI BioScout is a 3-in-1 bioaerosol detector for continuous monitoring of ambient air. If airborne threats (viruses, bacteria, toxins) are detected, ENVI BioScout triggers an early warning alarm and automatically starts sampling for subsequent in-depth analysis of the biological warfare agent. With its robust design, ENVI BioScout is ideally suited to 24/7 use in demanding environmental conditions, while requiring little maintenance. Its use cases include the monitoring and protection of light and armored vehicles, naval and maritime vessels and critical infrastructures (ex: shelters), as well as major events. Its ruggedized version is suitable for integration in naval and maritime vessels and CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, as part of a complete CBRN system.

Bertin Technologies also supplies a qPCR detection kit called Biotoxis, which simultaneously detects the three main biothreat agents – B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis – for a rapid and reliable response. In addition, Bertin Technologies has proven its ability to rapidly develop innovative bio-identification equipment, such as the RT-LAMP BEC SARS-CoV-2 system, to strengthen European sovereignty and resilience in the event of emerging pathogens. Thanks to an ergonomic design (dimensions, weight, robustness, comfort and ease of use), the equipment of Bertin Technologies is perfectly suited to use in the field, as part of military or civil security operations.

The ENVI Assay System is the most compact immunoassay ‘lab-in-a-box’ on the market. It includes a set of consumables for testing seven highly toxic pathogens: Ricin, botulinum toxin, B. anthracis anthrax, Ortho poxvirus, SEB, Y. pestis and F. tularensis. The ENVI Assay System biodefense tests offer military and civil defense personnel a sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use solution for quickly eliminating doubt.

Bertin Technologies is an expert in the control of biological threats, providing first responders, the Armed Forces and other civil security organizations with all-terrain detection solutions to quickly remove doubt and easily confirm the presence of pathogenic agents. This equipment plays a key role in the biological threat detection chain, enabling operators to take appropriate protective measures to limit the risk of contamination.

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