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Radioactivity Measurement technologies & systems on demand

Bertin Instruments relies on its long experience of innovation to develop nuclear instrumentation systems. Able to accelerate innovation in demanding markets, Bertin is involved in creating specific and complex on-demand systems.

Bertin offers fixed and mobile solutions for radiation protection, radiological access control and environmental and process monitoring. The quality, reliability and robustness of these solutions meet the highest requirements of critical markets such as: the nuclear industry (nuclear power plants, research centers and fuel cycle industries), the defense and security, the recycling and waste treatment, the medical sector.

Bertin Instruments is also committed to supporting its customers throughout the life span of their nuclear instrumentation products and systems, as a supplier of top-of-the-range services. From development and manufacturing to installation, training and maintenance, Bertin Instruments remains at your side and provides a personalised after-sales service.


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