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Tailored CBRN systems

Thanks to its comprehensive CBRN equipment portfolio, Bertin Instruments designs and manufactures on-demand CBRN solutions, for the most demanding civilian and military customers.

As a European customer-oriented manufacturer, Bertin Instruments designs unique and efficient CBRN solutions to address the critical needs of the Armed Forces and systems integrators. The specialized, multidisciplinary experts of Bertin Instruments partner with the most pioneering state agencies such as DGA, and major research centers such as CEA, to innovate and provide Forces and end-users with smart technologies adapted to their operational requirements. Therefore, Bertin Instruments is able to produce a complete chemical threat detection, identification and monitoring system. Based on the Second Sight® MS technology, this innovative solution combines standoff chemical threat detection with new confirmation and sample collection capabilities, performed from a UAV. This system alerts the operator to the presence of a gas cloud, as well as its composition analysis, using a supervision software.

Furthermore, Bertin Instruments provides biological identification systems adapted to the logistic and operational constraints of the Armed Forces, such as a solution in which sample preparation, biological target detection, and result interpretation are fully integrated. Finally, to detect nuclear threats, Bertin Instruments has also developed for the French Navy fixed and mobile solutions for environmental radiation protection and monitoring on surface ships and submarines, or at naval bases:

  • Navirad: Early warning and measurement system for Gamma radiation composed of several probes connected to the onboard network of a surface vessel or a submarine.
  • 2SNM: radiological environmental monitoring system consisting in beacons and sensors distributed over the 4 French naval bases, which continuously monitor the levels of natural and artificial radioactivity, gamma radiation, as well as the Beta activity of noble gases and Alpha/Beta activity of aerosols.

Initially designed to meet specific customer requirements, the CBRN threat detection system developed by Bertin can easily be adapted to the needs of new users.


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