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Bertin Instruments developed a Radiological Control Machine for Linens to automate the process and facilitate sorting for nuclear operators.

To comply with the regulations in force, nuclear operators must demonstrate the absence of radioactive contamination on linen used by workers in the Controlled Zone, after it has been washed and put back into circulation. This control is frequently carried out manually with a contamination meter equipped with a probe. The resulting measurement is unreliable, and the process is time-consuming and generates repetitive movements for the operators.

In order to make the measurement more mechanical and reliable, Bertin Instruments supplies radiological linen inspection machines called CORALI. It automatises Alpha and Beta radiological control of different types of linen to keep a traceability of the controls carried out each day.

The machine also automatically separates contaminated and non-contaminated linen and disposes of it in the appropriate treatment channel. The installation is equipped with large-area proportional gas meters, which makes it particularly effective for detecting Alpha. It is available in two versions depending on the needs of the operator: vertical control (on a hanger) or horizontal control (flat) of laundry.


Fully automatic measurement

which guarantees the reproducibility and traceability of the control, in compliance with regulations. The CORALI saves time for the operators by sorting the linen and sending it to the appropriate treatment channel.

High-performance algorithm

as a result of our expertise in radioactivity detection, allowing us to carry out the measurement with precision and achieve high detection performance.

Continuous, real-time contamination monitoring

via two large, thin-window proportional gas meters located above and below the linen, ensuring optimum performance for Alpha and Beta radiation detection. The machine’s counters are placed as close as possible to the linens to optimise the measurement.

Two modes of operation of the machine

a “continuous” mode for fast and automatic operation, as well as a “step-by-step” mode more suited to Alpha detection. The user selects the desired mode type at the beginning of the measurement campaign.

Optimised and simplified Human Machine Interface

for users and allowing access to many parameters in “expert” mode.


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