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Bertin GmbH & Bertin Italia

Bertin GmbH and Bertin Italia, the German and Italian subsidiaries of Bertin Technologies, are working on the development of the company’s nuclear range of instruments.

In 2016, Bertin Technologies, aiming to strengthen its instrumentation products and systems offer, acquired the Saphymo Group, a key French player in instrumentation solutions for ionizing radiation detection and measurement. Together, Bertin Technologies and Saphymo have developed both technological and commercial synergies to create the Bertin Instruments product line dedicated to ionizing radiation monitoring systems. Saphymo had two subsidiaries: Genitron Instruments in Germany, created in 1985 and which became Saphymo GmbH in 2006; and Saphymo Italia created in 1998 to develop the Italian market. Both are now subsidiaries of the Bertin Technologies Group and provide engineering, manufacturing, and services in the field of nuclear instrumentation. Bertin GmbH and Bertin Italia are also in charge of sales and distribution of Bertin Technologies’ offer in Germany and Italy.


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