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Air monitoring

Coriolis Air samplers collect biological particles in the air which offer new perspectives for the control of airborne contamination thanks to its liquid sample.

An efficient monitoring of microbiological contamination in the air

The Coriolis range of biological air samplers has been developed by Bertin Health & Life Sciences to be more efficient than traditional indoor or outdoor air quality monitoring systems. The cyclonic technology efficiently collects the biological particles of the air whatever their nature: Bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc. The sample taken is therefore compatible with all microbiological or molecular biology analyses, which allows the results of the biological contamination of the indoor and outdoor air to be obtained more quickly.

Air quality monitoring: reliable results within hours

No more sampling on agar at low flow rates! Thanks to the Coriolis range of air samplers, a few hours are enough to measure the quality of the air and to go beyond the analysis in culture. The cyclonic technology allows to obtain either high air flow rates (300 liters per minute) or long duration sampling. The sample obtained is compatible with the most used and fastest microbiological analysis methods such as PCR, immunoanalysis (ELISA…), flow cytometry, etc.

Air quality measurement: Several fields of application for Coriolis biological air samplers

The Coriolis range meets the requirements of air monitoring even when microbiological contamination is low.

• The Coriolis Micro biological air sampler is designed for quality control of biocontaminations in environmental research, fundamental research on particles, pharmaceutical, veterinary or agri-food industries, medical and sanitary environments, etc. Its main purpose is to analyze airborne transmission of viruses and Covid-19 sampling tests with a great operation speed, but also the most efficient concentration for bacteria, mold, spores, pollen, or toxins in a record time.

• The Coriolis Compact air sampler is compatible with standard analytical methods. Its long battery life, light weight and compact size make it the biocollector of choice for outdoor air quality monitoring, biohazard control, virological sampling, or biocontamination monitoring of medical and sanitary environments.

• The Cleapart-100 particle deposition monitor is a valuable tool for manufacturing products that are sensitive to airborne and sedimented particles. It works autonomously and detects, counts and sorts particles of >5µm, >15µm, >25 µm and 100 µm in real time.

A complete range of Coriolis consumables is specifically adapted for Coriolis biological air samplers.

Latest news

The air sampler Coriolis µ (Micro), developed and provided by Bertin Technologies, used in Asia and Europe to collect Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and help combat its spread

09 Apr 2020

The Coriolis µ air samplers, from Bertin Technologies, has been extensively used by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...



Coriolis µ, your microbial air sampler

Coriolis µ, portable air sampler, is dedicated to indoor and outdoor bio surveillance in hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, offices and houses.


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