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Bertin Technologies and its subsidiaries Bertin Exensor and Bertin Environics design, develop and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of field-proven solutions for the demanding Defense and Security markets.

The high-end sensing solutions of Bertin Technologies provide users with a strategic advantage to outpace threats and targets in the field, offering full situational awareness. The Group’s activities comprise three ranges of innovative, user-friendly and easy-to-deploy solutions tailored for three types of applications: Dismounted Soldier Equipment, Vehicle and Vessel Integration, and Unmanned Systems Integration.

  • Unattended Ground Sensors – UGS – systems by Bertin Exensor
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear – CBRN – equipment by Bertin Environics
  • Optics and Optronics components and systems by Bertin Winlight

Because the stakes are high, we supply technologies that are instrumental in maintaining national security, achieving military dominance, and ensuring the effectiveness of the Armed Forces and civil protection teams.

Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems

Bertin Exensor designed and developed the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system, drawing on first-hand experience of military personnel. Flexnet consists of three technological pillars: the sensor toolbox, self-healing mesh network and Command-and-Control interface (C2). Fully modular and scalable, Flexnet can detect, classify, and identify threats and targets on the ground to give operators enhanced situational awareness and decision dominance over the opponent. This flexible, reliable system fits many use cases, both military and civilian, such as Force Protection, Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Counter-Mobility, Border Control, as well as Critical infrastructures and high-value assets Protection.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) solutions

Current international events, with the return of high-intensity conflicts, the diversity of opponents and employment frameworks, prove that there is no such thing as zero risk. The Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical threats have not disappeared over time. Constantly evolving, they have even diversified and amplified, constituting a highly credible danger in today’s political landscape. To prepare effectively to this complex, protean risk, CBRN monitoring and detection solutions stand out as indispensable tools in this increasingly instable world to protect the people, nations’ sovereignty and critical infrastructures and assets.

The instruments and systems of Bertin Environics excel in CBRN threat monitoring, detection and identification, giving early warning and an essential window of opportunity to respond proactively to any hazardous material or substance release.

Our portfolio of solutions, from handheld equipment to complete CBRN systems, covers the full CBRN spectrum to monitor malevolent (Dirty bombs, biological weapons, Chemical Warfare Agents) and accidental threats (Radiological dispersions, pathogen agents, Toxic Industrial Compounds). These high-sensitive technologies are essential to provide operators, such as the Armed Forces, first responders, and HAZMAT teams, with reliable information to take necessary countermeasures with full situational awareness.

Optics and Optronics components and systems

Bertin Technologies supplies optics and optronics components and systems to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), offering end users the ability to gather information, detect intrusions, target adversaries, enhance driver vision and situational awareness in the field. Being adapted to a wide range of military applications, they are crucial for modern warfare, enabling more accurate and effective operations while minimizing risks to military personnel. Our flexible, polyvalent optronic solutions can also be used for sensitive site and critical infrastructure monitoring and protection, meeting the requirements of civilian operators.

Discover our thermal and visible imaging solutions to be easily integrated into any platform, from vessels, aircrafts, light and armored vehicles, to UAVs, UGVs, UGSs and rifle sights. Among our flagship equipment, know more about our low SWaP thermal modules, night and day vision enhancer with smart fusion, and scalable optronic solution for vehicles.

From target acquisition and tracking to intelligence gathering and reconnaissance, our high-performance, field-proven optronics solutions got you covered, meeting all your surveillance and protection applications.


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